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San Luis Obispo, CA


Hi, I'm Lauren

Lauren Edwards became interested in pelvic floor rehabilitation after experiencing her own first-hand trauma during childbirth and the lasting impacts that had on her physical, emotional and psychological health. As a trained occupational therapist, Lauren understands the value of an evidence-based, holistic approach to understanding a very intimate and often misunderstood component of the female body. She provides comfort, confidence and understanding to help you regain strength and control, starting with your pelvic floor.




Welcome to Lauren Edwards Pelvic Health where you leave feeling confident, hopeful and most importantly educated on your own body. We believe that pelvic floor rehabilitation begins in early childhood and transcends your life. Knowledge is power, and you will be amazed by what can change when you finally learn about your own body, starting with your pelvic floor. 

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Leaking when you do not want to is never considered normal. You should feel confident in your ability to jump, laugh, or exercise without fear of leakage. Incontinence comes in many forms, including both urinary and fecal incontinence, which can have an impact on many parts of your daily life. Our goal is to help provide you with hands on treatment, education and tools to better manage your current symptoms. 

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Sexual Dysfunction

Intercourse, pelvic exams, tampon or menstrual cup use should never be painful. Whether you are experiencing pain as long as you can remember, or since having delivered a child, there is help! Your pelvic floor is often a major contributor to pain with sex, arousal, and feminine hygiene practice and therefore can be addressed with proper education and treatment. 


Pelvic Pain

Many women experience pain but are often dismissed, being told they will outgrow it, it will improve with child bearing, or to simply "relax." The truth is that pelvic pain, including tailbone and low back pain, is often caused by underlying pelvic floor dysfunction. Pain can vary based on menstrual cycle, stress, and post-partum changes and therefore can be challenging to treat. Pain should never be ignored or justified, and pelvic floor rehabilitation is the missing link.




Lauren Edwards Pelvic Health is dedicated to helping you through the process of motherhood. Whether you have just found out you are pregnant and want to better understand your anatomy or you are experiencing new symptoms while pregnant, we are here to prepare your pelvic floor for the journey ahead and help you heal from the birthing process.


Birth Education + Preparation

A customizable approach to your desired birth with appropriate considerations for home births, hospital based births, and birthing centers. Package includes individualization of plan for vaginal delivery, cesarean, and VBAC. Training includes making sure the pelvic floor muscles can relax, the role of optimal birthing positions and perineal massage. It also includes proper post-partum care for immediate use in any setting, and support partner training.



Pregnancy should never been painful, including new onset of low back pain or pubic symphysis pain regardless of phase of pregnancy. Typically those experiencing pain during any trimester warrants further exploration. We provide holistic treatment for the pregnant body, often treating underlying trauma from previous pregnancies or births. Intervention provides education of modifications to activities of daily living and exercise regimen, as well as specialized programs for the pregnant body.


Post Partum Evaluation

Even if you are not experiencing symptoms, we recommend all post partum women, whether c-section or vaginal delivery, get a check up after birth. Typically performed at 6 weeks post partum, this comprehensive assessment gives you a personalized evaluation of your pelvic floor including assessment of tear or episiotomy sites, abdominal wall evaluation and pelvic girdle assessment. You will be given a general overview of instruction regarding return to exercise or daily activities and recommended modifications based on your current symptoms or evaluative findings.




Receive Gentle Guidance

Pelvic floor dysfunction is extremely common, but that does not mean it should be considered normal. Many women experience signs and symptoms long before having children or surgery, but are often told it will improve with time or that it is simply a right of passage.

Lauren Edwards Pelvic Health is part of a broader community of women's health specialists working towards providing more resources on the Central Coast.

"Lauren helped me navigate the post partum journey, with proper evaluations by a mental health specialist as well as when to follow up with my OB. She made sure no part of my care fell through the cracks. It changed my life."
-Post Partum Client, Jen 


"Since working with Lauren, I've learned to prioritize my pelvic floor and mindfully engage my core muscles to safely return to running after two pregnancies. Her approach is holistic and patient-centered, and I walk away from each appointment feeling hopeful, informed, and empowered. As a mother who lives a highly active lifestyle, pelvic floor therapy has been a game-changer."


"I came to Lauren with severe pelvic pain from years of undiagnosed endometriosis. She was the first practitioner who listened and validated my pain and experience. She provided me with the knowledge I needed to help understand the root cause of my pelvic floor dysfunction. With her dedication to alleviate my pain and the rehab she provided post-surgery, I am pain free for the first time in 20 years."

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